We take pride in serving our customers timely!

Foodnerd is the number 1 social platform for foodies to get insights for their favorite locations as well as order food online.

Foodnerd also allows restaurants to manage their complete business operations while maintaining their online and social presence seamlessly.

Foodnerd delivers quality food from renowned local restaurants as well as national and international food chains.

At foodnerd, we believe our customers deserves fresh, warm and quality food delivery at their doorsteps fast. Serving our customers timely is as important as how food tastes. Our in-house team works hard everyday to foster close relationships with restaurants and customers.

Benefits for customers

Foodnerd provides a hassle free online food ordering experience. With the help of our proprietary technology customers can fulfil their food cravings instantly. When they order from our intuitive website/app, they are notified at every step of the order process and can track their orders in real time.

Exclusive discounts and deals
Instant delivery, be it at home or office
Place order with few clicks
Reservation for dine-in
Book future orders for takeaways
Restaurant promotion alerts
Get menu and price updates
Social engagement
Get restaurant reviews
Like, Comment and share your favorite food
Multiple payment options
Blogs about restaurant and food

Benefits for restaurants

Paradigm for restaurant businesses is changing fast with evolving buying behaviors of new-age consumers. Restaurants, cafes and other food joints are in dire need of a social presence coupled with automation and delivery features for their business. That is where foodnerd caters to their business partners and serve them to transform their businesses.