Guidance to innovative efforts through the passion of reading

Touch Reading was founded in 2015 to transform the way kids learn and read at schools and home. Staffed with a professional team, Touch Reading encourages book reading through smart phones and tablets.

Touch Reading is guided by our determination to enrich every reader with wide access to books, quality reading material. It supports readers, publishers and authors in high-need areas. Touch Reading makes it easy to develop effective communication skills while instigating a lifelong love for reading.

Key Features

  • Get instant access to Touch Reading library
  • Read books offline without any issue
  • Bookmark page and resume reading from where you left off
  • Learn to pronounce specific words with the power of touch
  • Avail exciting discounts through bundle offers

Five easy steps to publish book online

  • Create account
  • Write title for your Touchbook
  • Write content and upload media
  • Choose purchase packages
  • Publish online

For Publishers

The emerging trend is to move towards technology publishing via new-age technology platforms, targeting smart phone and tablet users.

Touch Reading encourages books in various languages across the world with the goal of reflecting as many of our world’s culture as possible. We are actively growing collaboration with international publishers to ensure that our collection remains as diverse as possible.

For Authors

Touch Reading platform is all about enabling authors to reach their readers in this digital age.

With Touch Reading, author can easily self-publish and manage their books online with just a few clicks.

Touch Reading allows authors to achieve global exposure and wide following with little marketing effort.

For Schools

Touch Reading is joining hands with schools to introduce innovative approaches to learning. The model allows schools to teach children interactive methods of learning.

With the Touch Reading app, schools can transform the learning process with smart devices. It provides features like audio reading, rich visuals and easy navigation to enhance the learning experience of students.

For NGO’s

Touch Reading is designed to promote literacy in developing countries. NGO’s inspiring imagination, curiosity, awareness and learning among students will nurture the educational curriculum in under developed regions effectively through Touch Reading.

Touch Reading supports offline learning models extending the power of learning even communities without internet. The children with Touch Reading support out-perform others while developing greater language and literacy skills.

All-in-one Publishing Panel

Touch Reading’s publishing panel provides centralized access to publishers/authors. They can interact with books and analyze up-to-date sales information to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Touch Reading Dashboard provides following key features:


Purchase Packages

Create packages and bundles for books


For entire books collection


View all published and approved books

Device Management

Manage and Authorize the connected devices (IOS & Android)


Design a new book for publishing

Sales Report

Generate sales report for books


Reach your audience by creating unique and attractive offers


Schedule notification alerts for your audience.

Touch Reading is awarded as Best e-Learning App at ICT Awards in 2016.